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Our Mission

Resourceslinked goal is to improve the lives of individuals and families in need by developing, offering, referring or collaborating with various agencies to provide programs and services which help foster self-sufficiency in the following domains:

  • Economic and Employment Building

  • Nutrition and Healthy Living

  • Child and Family Development

  • Housing

We will also provide community services in:    •  Information and Outreach

 •  Volunteer Services

 •  Emergency Services

Resources linked was organized to serve as a multipurpose nonprofit organization offering an array of services under one umbrella to assist individuals in becoming self-sufficient. Resourceslinked was founded with the vision of a united community providing services and care needed during a stressful time in individual’s life. Our approach is centered on the fundamentals of honesty, character building, faith, and positive communication. We pride ourselves on our commitment to always provide quality services and are committed to providing the highest quality of care to the individuals we serve by providing them with the resources, relationships, and skills they need to be independent – enriching their lives and the community as a whole. Resourceslinked meets more than just the needs of a few, the help and hope provided by our agency enables our clients to strive for a brighter, more secure life for themselves and their family. We treat each client we serve as family members and we are a family that care. We are committed to change.


 The following values are core to the organization’s success and help accomplish its mission:

Caring about Quality

Caring about the citizens and the services provided is our reason forbeing. Success will be measured by actual outcomes and not just by processes performed or dollars spent.


 We are sensitive to the needs of all stakeholders in providing services. Citizens are provided services in the spirit of assisting individuals and serving the broader public interest. Cooperative relationships with other units of government and nonprofit 

and business sectors will be fostered. Employees

are respected and will be encouraged

to be innovative.


Good stewardship is fundamental to the way we conduct business.  Human, technical, and financial resources are organized to ensure that service outcomes are achieved with the least amount of input. Duplication will be minimized and communication will be fostered between departments.

Ethical Workforce

 Our employees are our strength.  Employees recognize that they are entrusted to provide 

public services and will conduct business in a responsive and professional manner that 

fosters public confidence

Service Philosophy

We believe individuals should have meaningful input into the design and planning of the services that they receive.  We believe that the key to becoming self-sufficient is instilling hope and a positive sense of self-worth and outlook for the future, while focusing   on the client’s strengths and helping to empower them to fulfill a meaningful role in life.  Our treatment, services and supports are appropriate to meet the clients’ needs: accessible and timely, consumer-driven, out-come oriented, culturally and age appropriate and built around the consumer’s needs and strengths.

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